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Type Scale and CSS Clamp Generator for Web Designers

Find the perfect size for the headings on your web page. This combination of tools helps you create a balanced visual hierarchy and ensures that your headings are responsive.

1. Select Your Base Size

Input your preferred base font size in pixels. The most used base font size is 16px (also the default).

2. Choose a Scale Ratio

Pick a scale ratio that fits your design’s theme and purpose.

3. Preview with Custom Text

Enter a short custom text to see how it looks within the generated scale.

Font-size Clamp Generator

Take your headings to the next level of responsiveness with the clamp generator.

Your clamp() value will appear here.

*Apply this code snippet in your headers to automatically adjust the text size based on the screen size.*

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A typography scale is a sequence of text sizes that are harmoniously proportioned to each other, often based on specific mathematical ratios. These scales help create a visual hierarchy, improve readability, and ensure aesthetic consistency across a web design.

Our generator allows you to choose a base font size and a scale ratio. It then calculates and displays a type scale, showing how different text sizes relate to your base size. You can also preview how your custom text looks in different sizes of the generated scale.

Yes, our tool is completely free to use for both personal and commercial projects. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions required.

Absolutely! Our generator is a valuable resource for designing responsive websites. It helps ensure that your typography scales beautifully across different screen sizes.

The tool offers a variety of scale ratios, from the Minor Second to the Golden Ratio. Each ratio affects the visual rhythm and mood of your design differently. For example, the Golden Ratio is known for its aesthetically pleasing proportions, while a Perfect Fifth creates a more dynamic range between text sizes.

The choice depends on your project’s needs and the overall design aesthetic you’re aiming for. A good starting point is the default base size of 16px, combined with a scale ratio that aligns with the type of visual hierarchy you wish to establish.

Yes, you can adjust both the base size and scale ratio at any time. The generator will immediately recalculate and display the new scale, allowing for quick iterations.

Yes, the typography scales generated by our tool are based on standard CSS font-size values and are compatible with all modern web browsers.

After generating your scale, you can apply the calculated sizes to your CSS stylesheets using standard CSS properties or into your page builder of choice. Just copy and paste the pixel or REM values and paste them for each heading value.

Yes, it’s essential to maintain consistency, use scale ratios that complement the overall design, and ensure that text sizes are responsive for different devices. It’s also crucial to consider readability and accessibility in your typography choices.

Web designers, UI/UX designers, graphic designers, and anyone involved in creating digital content can find our tool beneficial for establishing a cohesive and visually appealing typography system.

While our tool doesn’t directly support sharing functionality, you can easily share your settings (base size and scale ratio) and the resulting scale sizes with others.

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