Who am I?

My real name is

Marc-Aurele comes from the Roman name Marcus-Aurelius. I was named after the Roman emperor Marcus-Aurelius by my mother.

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About Me - Marcus-Aurelius = Marc-Aurele

What have I done in life?


Like most, I went to school. And, like many, ended up at university. I studied Criminology AND Media, Communications, and culture. A Dual Honors degree at Keele University in the United Kingdom.
I passed with a 2.1

Post Graduation

I quickly learned that the employee life was not for me, so I began to sell stuff online.


I spent a lot of time and most of my savings on the E-commerce dropshipping model. Didn’t make any money, but learned a lot.


I then partnered up with two other e-commerce entrepreneurs and created a Cannabis (CBD) brand called illumis.

Illumis was a hard-worked dream that unfortunately got crushed by newly established Government rules and regulations: Novel Foods.

We were no longer legally allowed to sell our CBD products. So, we had to move on.


Now, I help businesses build and scale their online presence.