Ice Cream Shop

Los Iannini

Los Iannini is a well-known, authentic ice cream shop in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. They are highly respected artisanal ice cream makers. When Luca Iannini, the eldest son, joined the business, they had a very poor online brand image. So, I completely remodeled their online presence.

The Ui and Ux

A unique and beautiful branded look featuring a variety of different analogous colors was created to enhance the look and feel of the business. Being an ice cream shop, it felt only fitting to provide them with a colorful user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

The Copy

The written copy was extremely personalized, as we aimed to be as friendly and informal as possible. We had a lot of fun creating the copy for the website.

The Images

Images were provided by the client. All images were strategically placed in order to give a delicious look and create a craving for a delicious Iannini ice cream!


A better website in every way

A unique branded design was created, along with a space for customers to book their private event services.