Palma Beach Bar

Mojo Beach

The owner of Mojo beach came to me wanting a landing page for his newly acquired restaurant/sports bar. He needed it ASAP as he wanted an online presence to promote the business. The landing page was delivered in less than 6 working days.

The Ui and Ux

A simple yet unique looking website that surpassed any competitor in the area.

The Copy

Using Google keywords planner and the help of Chat GPT, I was able to generate written content ideas to transmit the brand message and allocate targetted keywords to help rank on search engine results.

The Images

A combination of real and AI generated images (from Midjourney).


Enhanced Business to customer communication

Thanks to this website, Mojo Beach is now able to capture client information such as emails and phone numbers to better communicate with customers. It also provided the business with the ability to dynamically represent all daily activities happening during the weeks such as sports and events in an app-like layout.